Wire wheel for brushcutter machines

SKU: Mod. HSK0175K22

For the cleaning of moss and grass on pavements, curbs, cobbled areas and difficult to access corners.

For a correct use, it is important to follow the assembly instructions.

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Technical Specifications

Code Ø Diameter Ø Bore Diam. Ø Wire Diam. Max. RPM Un. /Pack
mm " mm " mm "
HSK0175K22 175 7" 25,4 – 15 1” – 5/8” 0,50 .020” 6.500 1

Order Example

Order example


  • Model: HSK
  • Code: 0175K
  • Bore: 22

Additional information

  • It is recommended to be used with any brushcutter with engine of 1.6 HP (25cc - 1.53 cu. In.) onward.
  • Supplied with adapter for 1” and 5/8” bore.
  • Read and follow the safety instructions attached to the brush when using it with the brushcutter.
  • Its use avoids the use of chemical products and herbicides, banned in many countries.