SKU: Mod. JE MSK 0001

At JAZ we understand that the primary concern is safety and that is why we present our seal “JAZ CERTIFIED EQUIPMENT”. With this seal we recommend products that offer the safety and security that must be used to operate our products. Our knowledge and experience in this market along with partnerships with leading companies allows us to ensure that the product offered is ideal for the brushing applications that best fits your needs.

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    Technical Specifications

    • In black ABS plastic with 3 inclination positions and 2 horizontal positions.
    • Colorless polycabonate or acetate viewfinder, depends on the model. Anti-scratching and antimist treatments are optional. Easy adjustment.
    • Padding harness in the part behind and with a frontal textile sweatband of easy replacement.
    • Thread adjustment in the back and another normal adjustment at the top.