Brushe´s technical information

“JAZ” brush models moved by machines

(Normal speed)
Most common brushes Model Brush diameter
Bench Grinders Bench Grinders Crimped & Knotted Wheel CT, CU, CAM, CCA, DNA, CTP, CDO 75 mm (3”) to 350 mm (14”)
Angle Grinders Angle Grinders (5.000 - 8.500 RPM) Crimped & Knotted Wheels CT, CAM, CPL, CCA, CTP Entre 100 mm (4") y 175 mm (7")
Crimped & Knotted Cups TO, TT, TCA,TOG, TTG, TCAG, TNA, TOP, TTP 80mm (3.1/4”)to 150mm (6”)
Flap Discs DLZ, DLO
Mini Angle Grinders Mini Angle Grinders (10.000-12.500 RPM) High Speed Cups, Discs & Wheels HSC, HST, HSD, HSK, HSP, HSR, HCA, HSCG, HSTG, HCAG, HSKG, HSDG, HSCP, HSTP, HSRP 65mm (2.9/16”)to 115 mm (4.1/2”)
Flap Discs DLZ, DLO
Drill & Pneumatic Tools Drill & Pneumatic Tools (15.000-20.000 RPM) Wheels & End Brushes with Shank CDE, CAE, B, BA, BB, BC, BF, BH, BD, BI, BE, BR, BCP, BEC, BOL, BP 12 mm (1/2”) to 75mm(3”)
Flap Discs AL
Drills Drills (4.500 RPM) Wheels , Cups & End Brushes with Shank BDER, BTE, BBC, BDOR, CNA, BS, BNAR, FH, L1,L2, L1F, LAC, LTON 26 mm (1”) to 100 mm (4”)
Flap Wheels AL
Industrial Machine Industrial Machine Wheels & End Brushes without Shank, Crimped, Knotted & Abrasive nylon CUCB-BCSE-CA-CCM-SPECIAL BRUSHES

Safety warnings

The European Standard EN 1083-2 about Safety Requirements in the use of Power-driven brushes states the safety instructions that all brush operators must observe. These requirements and common safety practices will reduce the likelihood of physical injury and brush fail:

  • Wear safety goggles, protective clothing and equipment.
  • Observe all speed restrictions indicated on the brushes, packaging or catalogue.
    And do not exceed Maximum Safe Free Speed (Max. R.P.M.) under any circumstances.
  • Keep all machine guards in place.
  • Do not use deteriorated brushes.
  • Oxidation or any other chemical alteration in the wire may cause malfunctioning.
  • Store brushes in original packaging, in a clean and dry location protected from dust, humidity and other environmental effects, gases, etc).
Gafas protectoras
Guantes protectores
Mascarilla protectora

Fixing the brush

While fixing a brush to a machine, pay attention to the attachment of the brush:

  • For power brushes with a fixed arbor hole, inspect that there is no play between the machine’s shaft and the power brushes arbor hole.
  • For brushes with a threaded nut, it must be threaded along its entire length and be mounted properly and securely by tightening with a wrench or corresponding tool.

Brushes NOT mounted properly or securely can cause irreparable damage

Brush usage recommendations

At JAZ, a primary focus is using our brushes in a safe manner. Therefore, we recommend taking the following measures into account before starting to use them.

Pay special attention to power brushes that are going to be mounted on electric and/or pneumatic tools and read the instruction manual for the power tools and the working conditions of the power brushes.

The brushing must be performed with wire ends. Excessive pressure causes over-bending of the wires, increasing their fatigue and therefore, causing a premature breaking, reducing significantly their working life.

If you need a higher removal capacity, instead of higher pressure on the brush, we suggest the following:

  • Use a more aggresive brush: A brush with a thicker wire, with less trim lenght or twist knot wire instead crimped wire.
  • Increase the brushing speed with a model who can work faster or with a bigger diameter, in the case of the wheel brushes.
JAZ ZUBIAURRE: Información técnica de cepillos-colores

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