Custom Brushes

Customized Brushing Solutions

From our Technical Department we offer brushing solutions for different industrial processes and needs posed by the different sectors which demand customized products and rely on our experience gained over our history of more than 90 years dedicated to the brushware industry.

Manufacturing of technical brushes requires direct collaboration between manufacturer and user. In JAZ we have specialized personnel and appropriate technical resources, for answering your queries and provide the best solution to your request.
We offer a complete service that covers the definition of form and materials, making necessary tooling (shafts or rotors), end user training and even automatization the process of brushing.

Knowledge of the different wires and materials is very important in defining the ideal brush for each requirement. JAZ offers high resistance steel wire between 0.08 and 0.80 mm., Stainless steel wires, brass, nickel silver, nylon abrasives… We also offer high performance steel and stainless steel. JAZ can also supply brushes with different arbor holes: plain hole or with keyway.

Our customers trust in our experience acquired throughout our history of more than 90 years dedicated to brushware industry
The sectors we serve are very diverse.
Among them are the following:
  • Construction
  • Tube deburring
  • Rubber – Metal Injection
  • Packaging
  • Cleaning of continuous saws
  • Treatment in stone
  • Wood Texturing
  • Food industry
  • Turning
  • Rod cleaning
  • Retreading
  • Mold cleaning
  • Automotive parts deburring

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