Troubleshooting guide

Several factors can influence a brush application. If the selected brush does not achieve the expected result, the following table may provide solutions for the most common problems faced by the user.

For further information, please contact our Technical Department.

Problem Suggested Solutions
Brush is too aggresive Increase trim length
Decrease wire diameter
Work at lower speed
Finish too coarse Increase trim length
Decrease wire diameter
Choose a nylon abrasive brush
Action of brush is not uniform Decrease brushing pressure
Decrease wire diameter
Work at lower speed
Life of the brush is too short Decrease wire diameter
Increase brush diameter
Decrease brushing pressure

Multi-Threads and adapters

Threaded nut

The exclusive and patented JAZ threaded nut provides for a number of advantages:

  • Easier tightening into machines.
  • Higher resistance of the brush against possible deformation.
  • The multithread option allows the use of one brush on machines with different types of spindle:
    • R88 threaded nut: fits both 5/8-11” and M14-2 machines.
    • R77 threaded nut: fits both M10x1,25 and M10x1,5.

The purpose of these innovations is to help distributors better manage the line by reducing the number of SKU-s or items and improve their level of service to their customers and end users.

Multi-threads adapters

JAZ is offering a variety of thread adapter options from 5/8-11” nuts:

  • ADP. W5/8-F10: adapter to M10x1,25.
  • ADP. W5/8-M10: adapter to M10x1,5.
  • ADP. W5/8-U38: adapter to 3/8”-24.
  • ADP. W5/8-R77: multi-adapter to both M10x1,25 and M10x1,5.

This last option, when used in conjunction with an R88 thread, can substitute 4 different thread options.

JAZ ZUBIAURRE: Criterios de selección de cepillos

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