Chipper Hammer Refill

Removal of rust, Paint and any kind of adherence.

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    No. of Rows Brush Length Block Size (I) Trim Length (s) Tempered Steel
    3 x 15 4-1/2" 4-5/8" x 7/8" 1-1/8" 82130

    Technical Specifications

    Finishing grade

    Removal rate


    DLZ, FLAP, Encapsulated brushes
    Twist knots, Control brushes
    Crimped wire .020 to .012
    Crimped wire .010 to .004
    Crimpe wire .003 to .002 Nylon & synthetic fibers
    • Action: Cleaning
    • Tool: By hand
    • Surface: Non-sparking, Stainless, Steel, Wood

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