Encapsulated Wheels

Ideal to remove welding scales and for pipeline Oil&Gas Industry. Suitable for working in marine environments.

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    Ø Diameter (d) Width (a) Trim Lenght (s) Arbor Hole (e) Steel R.P.M.
    .014” Max.
    4-1/2" 1/4" 1" 5/8"-11 48792 15,000
    5" 1/4" 1-1/4" 5/8"-11 42792 12,500
    6" 1/4" 1-1/16" 5/8"-11 43792 12,500
    7" 1/4" 1-5/8" 5/8"-11 44792 9,000

    Technical Specifications

    Finishing grade

    Removal rate


    DLZ, FLAP, Encapsulated brushes
    Twist knots, Control brushes
    Crimped wire .020 to .012
    Crimped wire .010 to .004
    Crimpe wire .003 to .002 Nylon & synthetic fibers
    • Action: Cleaning, Deburring
    • Tool: Grinder
    • Surface: Steel

    • Encapsulation protects the wire from rusting.
    • Provides precision control of the brushing action on the workpiece.
    • Allows easier brushing action in in slots and complex shaped parts.
    • Encapsulation gradually wears away to expose a consistent short trim length creating the most aggressive brushing action.
    • Encapsulation shields the wires from flexing fatigue that extends the brush life compared to industry standard crimped wire brushes.
    • Ensures greater durability than a standard crimped wire wheel brush.
    • Provides a friendlier handling of the brush, protecting end users against potential pricking caused by the wire tips.


    • Removal of welding scales.
    • Pipeline Oil & Gas Industry
    • Heavy deburring.
    • Rod cleaning.
    • Corner & edge cleaning.
    • Suitable for working in marine environment and other demanding applications.

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