Roller Brushes

Roller Brushes are wire brushes manufactured in a block of high density and perfect balance.

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    Outside Diameter (d) Face Width (a) Trim Length (s) Steel Cable-Crimped
    Stainless Steel Cable-Crimped
    Stainless Steel
    .008" .020" .008" .020" Max.
    10" 12" 1.3/8" CUCB92524C CUCB92524H CUCB92524@ CUCB92524N CUCB92524Q CUCB92524@Z 3,600
    10" 18" 1.3/8" CUCB92536C CUCB92536H CUCB92536@ CUCB92536N CUCB92536Q CUCB92536@Z
    10" 24" 1.3/8" CUCB92548C CUCB92548H CUCB92548@ CUCB92548N CUCB92548Q CUCB92548@Z
    12" 12" 2.3/8" CUCB93024C CUCB93024H CUCB93024@ CUCB93024N CUCB93024Q CUCB93024@Z
    12" 18" 2.3/8" CUCB93036C CUCB93036H CUCB93036@ CUCB93036N CUCB93036Q CUCB93036@Z
    12" 24" 2.3/8" CUCB93048C CUCB93048H CUCB93048@ CUCB93048N CUCB93048Q CUCB93048@Z
    JAZ ZUBIAURRE: Gráfica
    Inside diameter type C51 C80 C83 C110
    Keyway 2"x1/2"x1/4" 3.1/8"x7/8"x1/4" 3.1/4"x7/8"x1/4" 4.11/32"
    Plain ØxAxB ØxAxB ØxAxB Ø

    Technical Specifications

    Finishing grade

    Removal rate


    DLZ, FLAP, Encapsulated brushes
    Twist knots, Control brushes
    Crimped wire .020 to .012
    Crimped wire .010 to .004
    Crimpe wire .003 to .002 Nylon & synthetic fibers

    • Wire brushes manufactured in a block of high density and a perfect balance.
    • The CUCB brushes suit the main deburring machines in the market.


    • Mainly for automatic deburring machines ADIGE type-RSAPedrazzoli etc. Burmaster.

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    JAZ ZUBIAURRE: Gráfica

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