Special Brushes

  • Cleaning Brushes for different shape and geometry mechanized pieces.
  • Brushing process automatization.
  • Deburring for foundry pieces.
  • Cylindrical brushes
    One-piece brushes. Material (PPL,PVC, NYLON…)Depending on the applications, we can advise you about the shape of the most suitable brush for your needs.All brushes are available with axis/shaft.

    • Helix shape (right or left).
    • Centre helix or off-centre helix.
    • In row.

  • Brush combined with a cutting tool.
    This brush is used for countersinking. With this brush a user will be able to drill and brush at the same time.
  • Micro tube brush from 5 mm diameter up to 10 mm diameter.
  • Brushes for cleaning joints
    Circular plaited steel brushes adaptable to expansion joints cutting machines to eliminate foreign elements from the inside of the joints before applying the plastic material to the joints.
  • Customized brushes for bakery tray cleaning.
  • CAM model brushes, from 250 mm diameter up to 400 mm diameter. We offer a wide range of CAM model brushes with different diameters, keyways, etc. You can get in touch with us and make us a request.
  • With this brush a user will be able to get a double brushing with just one tool. Inside diameter and bearing surface.
  • CA Model Twisted knot Wheel Brush, 1511 mm Outside Diameter.

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