Insertion Technical Brushes

JAZ-ZUBIAURRE technical brushes like the other products are designed for optimum performance.

Our technical department can advise the customer in everything he needs.

We can work on drawings or by supplying us any sample of the requested brush.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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    JAZ ZUBIAURRE: Gráfica
    JAZ ZUBIAURRE: Gráfica
    JAZ ZUBIAURRE: Gráfica

    A: Core width
    B: Useful width
    C: Outside diameter
    D: Core diameter
    E: Tube Inside Diameter
    F: Horizontal distance to Holes
    G: Hole diameter
    H: Vertical distance to Holes


    JAZ ZUBIAURRE: Gráfica
    JAZ ZUBIAURRE: Gráfica

    A: Useful outside diameter
    B: Useful inside diameter
    C: Trim length
    D: Central Core Hole diameter
    E: Outside Core diameter
    F: Core Width
    G: Distance between Rows
    H: Distance between holes

    Technical Specifications

    Finishing grade

    Removal rate


    DLZ, FLAP, Encapsulated brushes
    Twist knots, Control brushes
    Crimped wire .020 to .012
    Crimped wire .010 to .004
    Crimpe wire .003 to .002 Nylon & synthetic fibers
    • Action: Cleaning, Deburring, Finishing, Grinding, Surface preparation, Sweeping
    • Tool: Industrial machines
    • Surface: Non-sparking, Stainless, Steel, Wood


    • Machine Tool.
    • Foundry.
    • Conveyors.
    • Automotive.
    • Construction.
    • Food industry.
    • Steel industry.
    • Cleaning Tasks.
    • Soundproofing.
    • Derivation of voltages.

    Additional information


    • Steel.
    • Brass coated steel.
    • Stainless Steel.
    • Brass.
    • Polypropylene.
    • Polyamide.
    • Fiber.