Se utiliza para infinidad de desbarbados, son cepillos con menor densidad. Los filamentos tienen más movilidad al existir espacio entre ellos por lo que es más flexible y se adapta a geometrías complejas.

JAZ “CCM” brushes are mainly composed of nylon filaments impregnated with: Silicon carbide, aluminum oxide, diamond, ceramic coating, etc.

The “CCM” line is designed to be mounted as a tool for use in machining centers, robots, flexible cells, etc.

The “CCM” brushes provide a variety of solutions such as deburring, blending and finishing, rounding of edges, contouring of edges and refinement of surfaces.

Our abrasive filament brushes can be run dry (without a coolant), however applying a “coolant” to the abrasive filaments will improve the finish and performance of the tool.

Industries such as Automotive, Aeronautics, Sintered Metals, etc., where surface finishing is important, can find a solution to many surface finishing problems with JAZ “CCM” brushes.

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Outside Ø Arbor Hole Ø Trim Length Silicium Carbide Diamond
Grit Grit
mm " mm " mm " 80 120 320 80 120 320
115 .4.1/2” 14 9/16” 25 1" CCM11580CSTF CCM11512CSTF CCM11532CSTF CCM11580DTF CCM11512DTF CCM11532DTF
150 6” 20 3/4” 30 1.3/16” CCM15080CSTF CCM15012CSTF CCM15032CSTF CCM15080DTF CCM15012DTF CCM15032DTF


Outside Ø Arbor Hole Ø Trim Length Ceramic Aluminium Ox.
Grit Grit
mm " mm " mm " 80 120 320 80 120 320
115 .4.1/2” 14 9/16” 25 1" CCM11580CRTF CCM11512CRTF CCM11532CRTF CCM11580OATF CCM11512OATF CCM11532OATF
150 6” 20 3/4” 30 1.3/16” CCM15080CRTF CCM15012CRTF CCM15032CRTF CCM15080OATF CCM15012OATF CCM15032OATF

Technical Specifications

Finishing grade

Abrasive Nylon Finishing Grade
Grit 20|40|60 Coarse NA1
Grit 80|100|120 Medium NA2
Grit 180|200|300 Fine NA3
Grit 400|800|2000 S. Fine NA4
Non-Abrasive Fibers Neutral SW5

Removal rate

Nylon & Flap brushes
Grit 20|40|60
Grit 80|100|120
Grit 180|200|300
Grit 400|800|2000
Non-abrasive Nylon


DLZ, FLAP, Encapsulated brushes
Twist knots, Control brushes
Crimped wire .020 to .012
Crimped wire .010 to .004
Crimpe wire .003 to .002 Nylon & synthetic fibers
  • Action: Finishing
  • Tool: Industrial machines
  • Surface: Stainless, Steel

  • The TUFT model is used for a wide range of deburring degrees. Brushes with less density than other model types. There is more space between the abrasive filaments providing more flexibility when brushing.
  • This characteristic provides more flexibility to adapt to complex surface geometries.
  • Highly recommended for planetary machine, ideal for deburring flat parts.


  • Industry: Engineering, Aeronautics, Automotive, Sintered Metals.